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Please use the talk page of this community portal to ask for help, ask general questions, or make project announcements.

Open challenges Edit

This is a fairly new wiki and, like a baby, needs a lot of tender loving care to grow. The following is a list of high-priority tasks that need to be done:

  • Allot categories (one or two per page) to uncategorised articles
  • Copy good articles (or good paragraphs) from Wikipedia with proper acknowledgment - and copy their categories too, in case they are useful here (ie copy the whole page except the interwiki links); then improve the articles.

Announcements Edit

For the the status of efforts to grow this Wikia community, see the list of on-going community events and activities at Current events.

Job vacancies - Fire ahead! This is something you can't put on Wikipedia but you can put here.

Open tasks Edit

Here are some tasks:

Keep informed Edit

To keep informed about changes here, you can:

  • subscribe to the mailing list
  • use your watchlist (found under Preferences) and mark pages for watching; activate your email notifications so that you get an email when a page you are watching is edited
  • use the Recent pages link or RSS

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