Write the text of your article here! I'm a student of Canaan High in Nigeria. From my study and research, I think hydraulic engineering deals with the manipulation of water as a resource. Some of the engineers I have been opportuned to speak with e.g Engr. Dajan, taught me that with hydraulic engineering, areas suffering from scarcity of water can also enjoy the benefit of water as a gift of nature. Engineers in the field are also incharge of building of dams, bridges,e.t.c. They are also into the establishment of hydro-electric power plants.

I am a Civil Hydraulic Engineer with 30-years' experience. I would like to add something to my colleague's text. Hydraulic Engineers also attend to structural and hydraulic analysis and design, construction, and operation of water ways structures, river training, navigable locks, and any construction projects 'in water, on water, underwater and near water', both at rivers and sea; also fluid-conducting pipelines.

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