Introduction Edit

Magnetic Forces

  • Right Hand Rule Number One</LI>
  • Right Hand Rule Number Two</LI>
  • Heinrich lenz

    We've learned that there are two right hand rules that will help us find the direction of the Magnetic Force. Heinrich Lenz discovered a third right hand rule that will help us find the direction of Magnetic Force. Right Hand Rule One, and Right Hand Rule Two have not specified which direction the emf(electro magnetic field) generated by a time varying magnetic flux linking an electric circuit acts. Thus we need a Right Hand Rule Number Three.
    Suppose that a current I circulates around a planar loop of conducting wire and, thereby, generates a magnetic field B. What is the direction of this magnetic field as it passes through the middle of the loop? Well, if the fingers of my right-hand circulate in the same direction as the current then the thumb of my right-hand indicates the direction of the magnetic field as it passes through the centre of the loop. This is illustrated in the diagram below.

    Magnetic Force Edit

    Lenz's law


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